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Fruto Prohibido Capitulo 88 En Espa��ol

La Selección es aclamada a su llegada a México tras doce horas de vuelo

La Selección española aterrizó en el aeropuerto internacional Benito Juárez de México tras doce horas de vuelo, durante las c...

2019-03-31 01:00 0 Dailymotion

El Rey: "Las medidas económicas han comenzado a dar sus frutos"

El Rey Juan Carlos, que se encuentra de visita oficial en la India, ha asegurado durante el brindis en un almuerzo con  autoridades locales y miembros ...

2019-03-31 01:01 4 Dailymotion

La falsa neutralidad española en la Iª Guerra Mundial

Coincidiendo con el centenario de la Iª Guerra Mundial las editoriales han publicado este mes decenas de títulos. Uno de ellos es el del historiador...

2019-04-01 02:30 8 Dailymotion

Zapatero: "Las palabras del Gobierno de China son palabras que se traducen siempre en hechos"

El presidente del Gobierno español, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero señaló hoy en el foro económico de Boao (China) que &...

2019-03-31 00:51 5 Dailymotion

Camacho: "ETA se encuentra en una situación de extrema debilidad"

El ministro de Interior español, Antonio Camacho, se ha reunido hoy en Francia con su homólogo francés, Claude Guéant, al que ha agr...

2019-03-31 00:42 0 Dailymotion

Only the most interesting and best novelties from the world of modern TV series, which started in April 2021 and are already available for viewing in excellent quality online on special Internet resources.

Scary Tales: City of Angels is a mystical thriller that launched, and very successfully, on April 26, 2021 on the Showtime network service. The plot is based on sinister Mexican fairy tales and legends, which will face an ordinary Latin American family of immigrants, trying to solve their problems in Los Angeles in the 30s of the last century. One of the main roles is played by Natalie Dormer.

Stories from the Loop is a new fantasy series that launched on April 3 on Amazon Prime Video. Domestic viewers will be able to find it there as well. The characters of the new series are the mismatched inhabitants of an unusual city located under an amazing miracle of technology – a machine called the Revolution, created by the best minds of mankind to reveal and learn the secrets of the Universe.

It is clear that the neighborhood with such a device provided the residents of the town with various wonders and oddities. The genre of the series can be described as a thriller and drama with elements of science fiction, an entourage of alternative Scandinavia of the 80s, inspired by the work of the Swedish artist Simon Stolenhag.

Run is a new series that was launched by HBO on April 12, 2020. It is an action-packed thriller with an abundance of black humor. The story centers on a couple of losers who suddenly decide to give up everything and go on an adventurous adventure across North America.
Defending Jacob is a very intriguing TV project about an assistant prosecutor leading a brutal murder case. The victim was a teenager, but this already difficult and resonant case is complicated by the fact that the main suspect in the case is the minor son of the prosecutor. The series was released on April 24, and the main role in it was played by "Captain America" of modern cinema - Chris Evans.

Code 404-a crime series with elements of comedy, dedicated to the story of a suddenly deceased police inspector. But death is not the end. So the authorities decided and returned John (the name of the main character) from indefinite leave, introducing artificial intelligence to him and thereby turning him into a roboinspektor, like Robocop or Gadget Inspector.

Mrs. America – a sharp political series with the incomparable actress Caitrin Blanchett in the title role. The premiere took place on April 15 in the service "Hulu". The actress was given the role of the energetic social activist Fellis Shelfi, an activist and just a very smart woman who opposed the feminist wrestlers in America in the 70s.